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Collections: Mingana - Greek

Image Greek 1

Undated; contains part of the text of the Menologion of Simon the Logothete or Menophraste.

Image Greek 2

Eleventh or twelfth century; contains three leaves of an evangelisterion.

Image Greek 3

Codex Wordsworth: late fourteenth/early fifteenth century text of the Greek New Testament, with illuminated headpieces for the Gospels.

Image Greek 5

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Image Greek 6

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Image Greek 7

Seventeenth or eighteenth century; contains a Sticherarion written by Anastasios Proikonesios, with floral headpieces.

Image Greek 8

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Image Peckover Greek 7

First half of twelfth century, attributable to Constantinople (=Gregory Aland 713; also described as Algerina Peckover 561). Contains the Gospels, with evangelist portraits.