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Collections: Mingana - Christian Arabic

Image Christian Arabic 108

Nineteenth century paper roll. Contains a calendar with chronological tables and diagrams, with tables to calculate the Islamic and Syrian Christian calendars, and Dominical feast days.

Image Christian Arabic 113

Nineteenth century manuscript, written near Tripoli. Miniature prayer book of the Greek Uniate Church. Profusely rubricated, main headings in thick black characters.

Image Christian Arabic 4

No Information Available

Image Christian Arabic 61 Coptic 2

An Eyptian manuscript from the 14th century. Contains a Consecration Ritual for a new Coptic church in Coptic and Arabic. Illustrations (frontispiece, headpieces); ornamented capital letters and bird and foliage ...

Image Christian Arabic 71

An Eyptian manuscript from the nineteenth century. Contains various treatises and theological works, including Saints lives.

Image Christian Arabic 93

A ninth century manuscript (dated 885 C.E.) from the Palestinian monastery of Mar Sahas. Contains fragments of Spiritual and Ethical Treatises attributed to St. Ephrem, in Arabic.

Image Christian Arabic 94

A tenth century manuscript from St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai. Contains part of Lives of the Apostles and Other Treatises, written at Sinai by Thomas.

Image Christian Arabic Additional 124

A palimpsest from the ninth and tenth centuries, containing a Christlogical treatise in Arabic (the upper text) and a legal text (?) in Armenian (the lower text).