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Collections: Mingana - Islamic Arabic - Islamic Arabic 1489

<A composite manuscript in Ottoman Turkish> (2v–49v): Vaṣīyetnāmẹ, a manual of Islamic doctrine and worship by Meḥemmed ibn Pīr ‘Alī Birgili or Birgivī (d. 981/1573). Dated 1080/1679. (49v–51r): <‘Aḳīdẹ risālẹsi> A brief statement of the basic tenets of faith in Islam by an unknown author. Undated, probably 17th century. (52v–56v): <Tecvīd-i Ḳur’ān> A short treatise on correct enunciation, prolongation, etc. of various letters in Qur’ān recitation by an unknown author. Undated, 17th century.